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1000 Words

1000 Words

A collection of stories behind the images I have created over the years during my never ending process of trying to be a photographer...

Such is life...

This was just too perfect to not stop and take a photo of. After stopping to get some groceries yesterday, I saw this between my truck and the car next to me in the parking lot. I had to chuckle just because I could image the look of devastation on some poor kids face the moment they realized they were done with dessert. I wasn't laughing so much at their misfortune, more so that I know I've been there, I know you've been there, we have all been there. It is actually a perfect metaphor for life in general...Sometimes things are great and we get ice cream then life comes along and slaps all of the creamy goodness right out of your hand. Tough break kid.

Have a great day everyone and take care of each other!